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Celebration of World Africa Day 2009 in South Dublin County Library - Launch of the South Dublin County Ethiopian Partnership Annual Report 2008 and Primary School Workbook

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 Mayor Marie Corr                                                         Ambassador Zerihun Retta Sumye of Ethiopia           

South Dublin County Councilís celebration of World Africa Day was launched early Tuesday evening by Mayor Marie Corr at the County Library in Tallaght.  The Mayor and his excellancy, Ambassador Zerihun Retta Sumye of Ethiopia, along with other guests were welcomed to the celebration by the energetic performances of Afro Kideo Youth Group.

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  Afro Kideo Youth Group Performing in the County Library, Tallaght

The range of experiences of SDCC staff working with local authorities in Ethiopia, Self Help Africaís work in Africa, and Africans living in and being part of a new Ireland were discussed by the various speakers including, Eddie Conroy, County Architect and SDCEPP veteran, the Ethiopian Ambassador, Clement Esebamen, representing the Minister for Integrationís office and Patsy Toland of Self Help Africa.

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 County Architect Eddie Conroy                                     Clement Esebamen, representing the office of
                                                                                      the Minister for Integration

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 Patsy Toland of Self Help Africa                                   Back:
Noreen Curtin, Abe Jacob, Eddie Conroy
                                                                                      Patsy Toland, Georgina Byrne Front row: 
                                                                                      Zerihun Retta Sumye, Mayor Marie Corr 
and Clement Esebamen

There are two exhibitions in the County Library for this week, the SDCEPP exhibition chronicling personal staff experiences in Ethiopia as well as giving an overview to the aims and achievements of the project so far, and an exhibition from Self Help Africa who work in various African countries.

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 Afro Kideo Youth Group pose with Mayor Corr,            Presentations on display in South Dublin County

 Ambassador Retta and event organiser Jillian             Library

 Geraghty with the Primary School Workbook

SDCC were delighted to launch the 2008 Annual Report of the South Dublin County Ethiopian Partnership Project (SDCEPP), the new website for SDCEPP http://ethiopianproject.southdublin.ie/  and the new Ethiopian Workbook which will be distributed to all 5th and 6th class school children in South Dublin County.

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